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Celebrate Read a Book Day!

It’s Read a Book Day!! Celebrate today by reading a book, a section of a book, host a book reading party, read to Row-Of-Books2your children; anything to promote reading books. I remember loving to read books since I was a little girl. My mother regularly ordered books from Reader’s Digest and I would read her books, even those I wasn’t supposed to be reading at my age. I was inspired by mystery books at the time. Now I tend to focus on reading for personal development because I believe if you aren’t learning and stimulating your mind, you aren’t growing.  In order to live your best life, you should be sure to include reading as a regular practice.

Here, I share books I have been reading most recently based on the topics I typically coach, write and speak about, which is all about executing results in your life, career and business. I also included a fiction and children’s book. Although I rarely read fiction, I had to share a couple of recommendations that are worth the read. I expect that you will be inspired to read a book as it is good for the soul and keeps your mind stimulated.

 love booksI also want to hear and learn from you. Please share books you have read or are currently reading that have inspired you on any topic. Here are my recommended books.

Personal Growth

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth; John C. Maxwell

Maxwell focuses on laws of growth that help you to reach your full life potential. There are a lot of great nuggets in this book that help you focus and stay on a path of lifelong growth. I have already read this book twice and it has helped me to remember the importance of staying on a path of growth and introduces some great systems that are very helpful.


The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work; Shawn Achor

How do you find true happiness? Many think it is when one becomes successful – whatever that means. In this book, Achor says that happiness fuels success, and isn’t the other way around. When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, energetic, and productive. If you want to understand true happiness, this book is a must read.

Dream Living Journal; Angela Spears   (click link to purchase)

This is my published journal, a tool that can be used to document and track your goals and dreams, leading you to a path of success. It outlines questions to ask yourself and some of the steps required to help identify, articulate, and achieve your dreams. This journal also includes several Dream Journal pages to write a dream description and to list goals, action steps and progress. Most importantly, it gives individuals room to record the date the dream became a reality. I personally use this journal as a place to clearly document my dream life and track and monitor my progress. This is a must-have tool to utilize on your path to happiness and success.

The Holy Bible

You can never go wrong with reading the bible. Most of the principles you find in any book were originated from the bible. Your path to success can be found in the pages of this sacred book.



Developing the Leader within You; John C. Maxwell

I often write and speak about leadership and have focused on developing leaders for much of my career. In this classic book, Maxwell focuses on defining leadership and keys to being a great leader. This is a great foundational book for leadership for those who want to better understand leadership and/or become better leaders.


The Confident Leader: How the Most Successful People Go from Effective to Exceptional; Larina Kase

In the corporate world, I regularly coach people who want to become better leaders in business or in the workplace. If you want to advance in business or career you have to be a confident leader. Larina Kase provides strategies to help readers move out of their comfort zones and make decisions and actions that will dramatically propel their success. I have used the principles in this book to support my own development as a leader.


First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter; Michael D. Watkins

If you are a leader starting a new job, this is a must read. Michael D. Watkins offers proven strategies for conquering the challenges of transitions in leadership—no matter where you are.


Business Development

Client, Clients & More Clients: Create an Endless Stream of New Business with the Power of Psychology; Larina Kase

In this book, the author teaches you how to capture the attention of the right people, build loyal relationships, and influence people to hire you.


The Food Temptress; Rekaya Gibson

This book, created by my publisher, Rekaya Gibson is a must-read. The focus on the book is Ambrosia Bourgeois, The Food Temptress, who uses food to seduce men in hopes of creating Mister Right. The Food Temptress serves a delectable treat connected by Ambrosia’s continuing quest for both romantic and culinary perfection.

Children’s Book

Are There French Fries in Heaven; Kaye Gibby

I couldn’t complete my list of recommended books without including a children’s book. Are There French Fries in Heaven is a picture book about six year old Kia who loves French fries and searches for the answer to this question.  She eventually discovers that grandma holds the key.

There you have it; these are my recommendations as we celebrate Read a Book Day!


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Angela Spears, the creator and founder of Dream Living, is a Life and Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author, and friend whose purpose in life is to help others to reach new levels of excellence and fulfillment in their lives, ultimately fulfilling their dreams. Her passion is to motivate others to dream again. This is reflected in her ability to meet people where they are, her focus on individual progress, ability to engage others, and in the energy she applies to helping her clients. After meeting with Angela, you will come away with hope that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and live your dream life. Angela has overcome many obstacles in her own life, and understands some of the challenges people face in striving to achieve life success. Coming from a childhood where she was consistently discouraged from going after her own dreams, Angela determined in her mind that she could be a success and would live out her dream life. Through her own ambition, discipline, drive for results, positive mindset, goal focus, problem-solving skills, creativity, and initiative, she has taken the steps to live her dreams of achieving an outstanding career, owning her own business, becoming a published writer and author, while helping others to achieve their dreams, and enjoying her wonderful family and friends. Angela consistently stretches her thinking and actions, and is consistently experiencing increase in all areas of her life. Angela’s goal in helping others is to remove the fears that keep them from accomplishing their goals so that they are able to achieve and live their dreams. Her methods include helping others to gain a fresh outlook in their thinking, set goals, and implement a detailed life action plan that will lead to success. Angela also works as a Peak Performance Coach through her company - Building Excellence. She consults with senior business leaders to determine organizational needs and provides effective, cutting edge solutions that impact bottom-line results. Angela specializes in developing high performance leaders and teams in the corporate and business world. Angela has over 15 years of experience teaching, leading teams, consulting, and coaching, where she has implemented strategies to develop employees, and others around her to reach higher levels of success. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She also has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from Keller Graduate School of Management. Angela has years of experience facilitating a host of success workshops. Her areas of expertise include facing and overcoming your fears, managing your emotions, and building your life for success.

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